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New! Giclée Art Prints

We’re thrilled to announce new artwork available as Giclée prints. Giclée is a type of fine-art printing that uses archival paper and pigment inks to ensure super-sharp color, clarity, and durability. You will often find Giclée prints at art galleries and high-end retailers.

Earlier this summer we offered similar artwork as printables, but decided we could offer a better product by delivering physical prints on the best paper possible. To that end, our prints now are professionally printed on 100% cotton rag paper to museum-quality standards.

We offer multiple sizes, and different colors, depending on the piece. The prints will be professionally packed and shipped to you, and all. of our prints fit standard-size mats and frames.

Check out our selection in our Etsy shop (mozaicstudio.etsy.com)! We’ll be adding new pieces in the near future.

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Do It Up Right

banner with stars and stripes

This year, the Fourth of July falls on a Saturday, which means you have plenty of time to host a barbecue and still have most of the weekend to recover (right?).

To help out, we’ve added some fast and easy patriotic decor to help set the festive mood. We’ve got a printable set with banner that you can make and customize by mixing and matching 6 different pattern pennants. The set also includes matching cupcake toppers and water bottle wraps. All that for only $3.00!

All of the items are easy to print onto 8.5 x 11 inch paper, and require minimal tools to finish (scissors, glue, twine and toothpicks).  See all of the pennants, as well as the toppers and bottle wraps, in our Etsy shop.

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Summer’s Here!


We’ve always been keen on lemons as a motif; maybe it’s their bright, happy color, their lovely aroma, or their tangy taste. (Pretty sure it’s the color; although, when our resident lemon tree gets more than a few blossoms, the scent is even more heavenly than old roses.)

At any rate, we’ve been hankering to draw our own lemon designs, and finally found the right combination of time and springtime inspiration to do it. So here is the first of our series on lemons: Lemons on Blue, Lemons on Coral Blush and Lemons on Mint Green, all available in our Etsy shop.

These are digital prints that you can download instantly via Etsy and print yourself (we recommend a good copy or print shop so you can get the best quality and the right size). They’re high-resolution PDFs that have been sized to print easily with pre-sets that ensure you get the right amount of border for your frame (oh! and all of our prints are sized for standard mats and frames).

Brighten up a room with a lemon print today. You can almost smell the blossoms, can’t you?


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Yes, You Can Still Celebrate Easter

Easter bunnies, Easter banner

Talk about the bitter and the sweet … the long-awaited arrival of spring is here, but it’s almost going to waste. The trees are greening, the wildflowers are bursting, and birds are finding prized bits of flotsam to build their nests while we all sit inside and away from each other.

But, instead of moping, instead of being bored and doing nothing, we’re heeding that old British wartime motto “keep calm and carry on.” Easter’s around the corner, and while the big family buffet is off, we can still observe the holiday for the benefit of the little ones. This year, Easter at home.

And of course we can help with that! We’ve got a curated Easter kit on our Etsy site with printables for a banner, gift tags, stickers, cupcake toppers, and bunny ears. Download the files instantly, print, cut, and decorate while you #stayathome. Hang up a fun banner in the living room, bake some cupcakes, throw some candy into treat bags, and let the kids wear a bunny ears headband. You can even hide some eggs in the yard, or if that’s not doable, maybe just around the house.

You can do it! Just keep calm and Easter on.

Shop Easter Decor

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Lucky 13 — and Free Stuff!

Sure, it’s Friday the 13th, the dreaded day of misadventure and bad breaks. But we have an antidote — a healthy dose of Irish luck in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day.

To celebrate the addition of our  St Patrick’s Day banner and Irish proverb wall decor to our Etsy shop, we’re posting a free, downloadable PDF of shamrock cupcake toppers. Our toppers are 2 x 2 inch circles that you can cut out, attach to a toothpick, and use in all those lovely green cupcakes.

The PDF is high-resolution for top print quality and color. For best results, we recommend using card stock. Now, pull out your favorite cupcake recipe and get to work. Erin go braugh!

Download Cupcake Toppers

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This Just In…

We’ve added 4 Valentine’s Day printables to our Etsy shop this week.

Using our mood board as inspiration for the season, we fashioned lovebirds, hearts, Cupid and bows and arrows into a finely curated selection. Each card is easy to print, and includes an envelope template with matching liner.

Need some customization? Contact us at info@mozaicstudio.com, and we’ll be happy to help!

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This Just In: New Christmas Printables


Yep, it’s finally December, and that means it’s time to think about Christmas.

We’ve got several new printables in our Etsy shop to make the holidays a little brighter and easier. We’ve got two greeting cards and 2 sets of gift tags (12 in all!), each for the low price of only $4.00.

The first set, Gingerbread, has a trio of cheery gingerbread cookies, snowflakes and trees. The second set offers a colony of fish-crazy penguins who want to wish your friends and family a “Merry Fishmas.”

Each printable 4″ x 5″ card opens to a blank message area and includes a DIY envelope you can print, assemble, and drop in the mail. The envelope also includes a matching liner (with no additional printing or cutting needed). Print multiple copies of a card for one low price!

Each set of gift tags comes with 6 festive tags (approximately 4″ x 2″) that are easy to print onto standard-size 8.5″ x 11″ card stock, with minimal cutting and finishing.

All items are instantly downloadable through Etsy, and satisfaction is guaranteed. Try one or three today!

Shop Christmas Printables


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New Arrival: Thanksgiving Place Cards

We  know — Thanksgiving Dinner is the biggest of the year, and there’s so very, very many things to do. The pressure is on to not only for happy family moments, but also great food, a spotless house for guests and a stunning table scene.

We can’t help with the cooking, the cleaning or the happy family part, but we can make the table setting a lot easier. We’ve got a selection of tented place cards and napkin wrap printables that are super easy to download, print and use. The downloads are all fillable PDFs so you can easily type in your guest names with perfect centering to make it look so effortless. You can knock that chore off in 30 minutes or less.

Find them in our Etsy shop!

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Dark Shadows

Need some quick, effective Halloween decor? Consider silhouettes, which are black shapes cut out and applied to something else. We made a set of 5 classic and creepy characters. Put them inside lampshades or on shadowy walls to give the impression of some dreaded creature lurking nearby.  Or tape them onto treat bags or tablecloths to add some flair. A set of easy printable PDFs is only $3, available now in our Etsy shop. Boo-yah!

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Out of the Blue, and Into the Black

Halloween images of bats, a raven and a black cat.

Yes, it’s Halloween season already. It wasn’t that long ago we lamented the sure passing of summer, and here we are seemingly well into fall.

Halloween is one of the reasons we embrace the change of seasons (and yes, we do have seasons in California). Let’s count the reasons why: we love the glut of spooky stories about haunted houses, the odd embrace with ghoulish things, and of course the whole free candy angle.

It’s the best holiday to throw a party for, and we’ve made it even more fun with a new printables kit that make the decor the easiest part. We’ve got an elaborate banner with multiple characters (Poe’s raven, a vampire bat, a scary pumpkin), matching cupcake toppers, hanging mobiles to add some flair, stickers for treat bags and more.

See our “Fright Night” page for more info, and…..happy haunting.

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