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How to Embellish a Banner


a hanging Happy Easter banner

Banners (aka “pennants,” “flags” or even “garlands”) are often the main focus of party decor; they’re the biggest, most eye-catching piece, usually sporting a “happy something or other” greeting for guests. Everything else, from the napkins to the party favors, simply echoes the message, theme or look of the banner.

Good banners are fun, because unless the event is a funeral, the point is to celebrate something. And by adding a few simple embellishments to your banner, you can make it even more colorful, playful and appealing. Here are some tips to get the most of yours:

If your banner is a printable:

  1. Use good quality white card stock and printer ink. The card stock will keep your banner rigid enough to hang right, and the ink will make your colors stand out the way the designer intended.
  2. Use sharp scissors and a hole punch, if necessary. Good scissors will make short work when you have many panels to cut, and a hold punch will keep your hang holes smooth and uniform in size.


  1. For the hanger string, use a twine or yarn color that picks up or contrasts with your artwork. For instance, if your banner has a lot of pink and red, consider a matching red to highlight those colors. Or, if it’s got a lot of pale yellow and orange, try olive green to complement those colors without overpowering them.
  2. Add small tassels or pom-poms between the panels, using the same color as your hanger string. Keep them small, maybe only 3 inches or so. Make sure to leave an extra bit of twine or yarn on them to attach to your hanger string.
  3. Add an accent banner to hang separately. For our Easter banner, we added 5 additional pennant flags as an accessory to the main banner. The solid-color pennants echo the darker colors in the main banner, and can be printed, repeated and strung together as desired to hang to one side or the other of the banner. If your banner doesn’t come with accent pennants, make your own from solid color construction paper.
  4. If your banner comes with extra spacer panels (meaning those without letters), hang them separately as mobiles. Our Easter banner has 3 rabbit panels in additional to letters: a panel where the rabbits face left, another where they face right, and a symmetical center panel that can be placed between the words Happy and Easter. Since they work on their own, you could print extras to hang individually as separate signs.

Easter banner with rabbit panels


Got any tips of your own? Let us know.

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