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Free Stuff! Easter Edition

Easter bunny ears headband to illustrate a printables giveaway

Few things are more fun to a kid than dressing up or taking on a new persona (which is why Halloween costumes are a childhood staple).

The Easter version is a set of large bunny ears. And it just so happens we’ve got a free printable pair below. This particular pair is taken from our Easter Bunny Ears Headband set ($2.00) available through our Etsy store. That set has 4 other colors to choose from, including light blue, aqua, tangerine and pink.

Both the full set and our free version are high-resolution PDFs that are easy to print and use. We recommend card stock to make the headband and ears rigid enough for use; you’ll also need some thin sewing elastic.

Send us a photo of the ears in use, or post them to Instagram @mozaicpix. We’d love to see them in the field!

Download Easter Bunny Ears

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Lucky 13 — and Free Stuff!

Sure, it’s Friday the 13th, the dreaded day of misadventure and bad breaks. But we have an antidote — a healthy dose of Irish luck in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day.

To celebrate the addition of our  St Patrick’s Day banner and Irish proverb wall decor to our Etsy shop, we’re posting a free, downloadable PDF of shamrock cupcake toppers. Our toppers are 2 x 2 inch circles that you can cut out, attach to a toothpick, and use in all those lovely green cupcakes.

The PDF is high-resolution for top print quality and color. For best results, we recommend using card stock. Now, pull out your favorite cupcake recipe and get to work. Erin go braugh!

Download Cupcake Toppers

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