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We had an opportunity to help someone launch a small business on Etsy, and were only too happy to create a logo and branding to help out.

The shop name is Capra and Quail, and they sell “gently used” designer and other premium clothing and accessories. This includes brands like Bally, Equipment, JCrew, Rena Lange and more.

The shop opened this week with a small “starter” lineup that will increase in the weeks and months to come. It’s a smart shop to open now, as previously owned clothing is viewed as more planet-friendly and cost-effective than buying new.

We’re happy with the way the logo turned out, as are the owners. They had a tough time deciding on a name that they could agree on and which was unique and memorable enough to succeed. Finally they hit on using animals they both admired as mascots; “Goat and Quail” was fancied up by substituting the Italian word “capra,” which worked perfectly with the hard q sound for “quail.”

You can check out the shop (and maybe find a bargain) on Etsy at CapraAndQuail.etsy.com.

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Summer’s Here!


We’ve always been keen on lemons as a motif; maybe it’s their bright, happy color, their lovely aroma, or their tangy taste. (Pretty sure it’s the color; although, when our resident lemon tree gets more than a few blossoms, the scent is even more heavenly than old roses.)

At any rate, we’ve been hankering to draw our own lemon designs, and finally found the right combination of time and springtime inspiration to do it. So here is the first of our series on lemons: Lemons on Blue, Lemons on Coral Blush and Lemons on Mint Green, all available in our Etsy shop.

These are digital prints that you can download instantly via Etsy and print yourself (we recommend a good copy or print shop so you can get the best quality and the right size). They’re high-resolution PDFs that have been sized to print easily with pre-sets that ensure you get the right amount of border for your frame (oh! and all of our prints are sized for standard mats and frames).

Brighten up a room with a lemon print today. You can almost smell the blossoms, can’t you?


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Mood Board for February

Deep into the January, dead-of-winter doldrums, we’re already looking ahead to Valentine’s Day, with its cheery, energizing colors and its calendar proximity to spring.

Cynics may claim that Valentine’s Day is just another marketing campaign for chocolates and jewelry, but we have a deep fondness for the innocence of our schoolyard celebrations. We’ve always been drawn to the heart shapes, the “be mine” imprints on hard candy and the excuse to eat chocolate cupcakes.

We’re summoning all of our fond memories for a small set of printable Valentine cards. Above is a mood board of sorts for ideas we’re working on. We’ll be incorporating hearts, of course, but we’re also thinking of chirping birds ready to nest, Cupid gathering up his bow, and the old-fashioned arrow as a motif.

Stay tuned….

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12 Days of Christmas

With a nod and a wink to one of the most enduring Christmas carols ever, we’ve created a 12 Days suite of images we’ll post on Instagram one (day) at a time.

No lords a leaping here. We’ll have penguins, gingerbread men, a snowman and more to celebrate the season in style (oh, and it’s also a way to get users to check out our gift tags and holiday cards on Etsy).

The series starts on our Instagram account on December 13th.


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The Saul Bass Touch

collection of Saul Bass graphics

As we mentioned in a previous post, a local movie theater was showing Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 classic “Psycho” on Halloween night, which seemed to us to be the perfect way to do the holiday. While watching the opening credits, we suddenly remembered the connection that renowned graphic artist Saul Bass  (1920-1996) on the movie’s production.

Bass was possibly the preeminent visual designer of his time, and you’ve probably seen his work. He created logos for AT&T, United Airlines and Kleenex, among others. He also mastered the art of the illustrated poster, a few examples which we’ve posted here.

He frequently devised opening credits for several mid-century movies, including “Psycho.” But Hitchcock had other ideas for Bass’s expertise.

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