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Some of Our Design Work …

We had an opportunity to help someone launch a small business on Etsy, and were only too happy to create a logo and branding to help out.

The shop name is Capra and Quail, and they sell “gently used” designer and other premium clothing and accessories. This includes brands like Bally, Equipment, JCrew, Rena Lange and more.

The shop opened this week with a small “starter” lineup that will increase in the weeks and months to come. It’s a smart shop to open now, as previously owned clothing is viewed as more planet-friendly and cost-effective than buying new.

We’re happy with the way the logo turned out, as are the owners. They had a tough time deciding on a name that they could agree on and which was unique and memorable enough to succeed. Finally they hit on using animals they both admired as mascots; “Goat and Quail” was fancied up by substituting the Italian word “capra,” which worked perfectly with the hard q sound for “quail.”

You can check out the shop (and maybe find a bargain) on Etsy at CapraAndQuail.etsy.com.

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Do It Up Right

banner with stars and stripes

This year, the Fourth of July falls on a Saturday, which means you have plenty of time to host a barbecue and still have most of the weekend to recover (right?).

To help out, we’ve added some fast and easy patriotic decor to help set the festive mood. We’ve got a printable set with banner that you can make and customize by mixing and matching 6 different pattern pennants. The set also includes matching cupcake toppers and water bottle wraps. All that for only $3.00!

All of the items are easy to print onto 8.5 x 11 inch paper, and require minimal tools to finish (scissors, glue, twine and toothpicks).  See all of the pennants, as well as the toppers and bottle wraps, in our Etsy shop.

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Summer’s Here!


We’ve always been keen on lemons as a motif; maybe it’s their bright, happy color, their lovely aroma, or their tangy taste. (Pretty sure it’s the color; although, when our resident lemon tree gets more than a few blossoms, the scent is even more heavenly than old roses.)

At any rate, we’ve been hankering to draw our own lemon designs, and finally found the right combination of time and springtime inspiration to do it. So here is the first of our series on lemons: Lemons on Blue, Lemons on Coral Blush and Lemons on Mint Green, all available in our Etsy shop.

These are digital prints that you can download instantly via Etsy and print yourself (we recommend a good copy or print shop so you can get the best quality and the right size). They’re high-resolution PDFs that have been sized to print easily with pre-sets that ensure you get the right amount of border for your frame (oh! and all of our prints are sized for standard mats and frames).

Brighten up a room with a lemon print today. You can almost smell the blossoms, can’t you?


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The Wildflower Project

3 wildflowers in blue, yellow and lavender

We’re fortunate to live in a rural area of Southern California where, for a few glorious weeks a year, our open space becomes a giant meadow of wildflowers, green grasses and fat, happy birds.

In the past we’d eagerly walk all over to spot as many wildflowers as we could, referring to them only as “the small yellow ones” or the “purple, spiky ones.” They captivated us with their simple beauty, fleeting appearance, and their place in what is literally our backyard ecosystem.

This year we made a promise to learn their names; we took about a million photos, tripped over rocks, got sticky burrs in our socks and tracked dirt into the house. We pored over field guides and plant science websites, comparing our photos to theirs to figure out what we had and what we’d seen. We learned to separate by color, by petal count, leaf structure and the kind of dirt they liked to grow in. We were hooked, and happily sidetracked our normal design work to focus on our personal “wildflower project.” By the end we had found and identified about 30 different kinds.

In the process, it’s inspired us to create. We’re graphic artists, after all, driven to find the visual and reinterpret it, and the wildflowers briefly outside our door have electrified our creative side. What better material can artists have than the natural world?

More importantly, we learned something about it, too. Now we can look out over a chaparral landscape and point out the baby blue eyes, the goldfields, the purple owl’s clover and the elusive California peony. We know now how much the bees depend on the cranesbill, and how a single moth can make or break a giant yucca.

Maybe next spring we’ll spot some new wildflower to study or get better (in focus!) photos of the ones that got away this year. In the meantime, during the long months until then, we’ll figure out a way to reimagine our images, the colors and ideas into our artwork. Please stay tuned…

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Free Stuff! Easter Edition

Easter bunny ears headband to illustrate a printables giveaway

Few things are more fun to a kid than dressing up or taking on a new persona (which is why Halloween costumes are a childhood staple).

The Easter version is a set of large bunny ears. And it just so happens we’ve got a free printable pair below. This particular pair is taken from our Easter Bunny Ears Headband set ($2.00) available through our Etsy store. That set has 4 other colors to choose from, including light blue, aqua, tangerine and pink.

Both the full set and our free version are high-resolution PDFs that are easy to print and use. We recommend card stock to make the headband and ears rigid enough for use; you’ll also need some thin sewing elastic.

Send us a photo of the ears in use, or post them to Instagram @mozaicpix. We’d love to see them in the field!

Download Easter Bunny Ears

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How to Embellish a Banner


a hanging Happy Easter banner

Banners (aka “pennants,” “flags” or even “garlands”) are often the main focus of party decor; they’re the biggest, most eye-catching piece, usually sporting a “happy something or other” greeting for guests. Everything else, from the napkins to the party favors, simply echoes the message, theme or look of the banner.

Good banners are fun, because unless the event is a funeral, the point is to celebrate something. And by adding a few simple embellishments to your banner, you can make it even more colorful, playful and appealing. Here are some tips to get the most of yours:

If your banner is a printable:

  1. Use good quality white card stock and printer ink. The card stock will keep your banner rigid enough to hang right, and the ink will make your colors stand out the way the designer intended.
  2. Use sharp scissors and a hole punch, if necessary. Good scissors will make short work when you have many panels to cut, and a hold punch will keep your hang holes smooth and uniform in size.


  1. For the hanger string, use a twine or yarn color that picks up or contrasts with your artwork. For instance, if your banner has a lot of pink and red, consider a matching red to highlight those colors. Or, if it’s got a lot of pale yellow and orange, try olive green to complement those colors without overpowering them.
  2. Add small tassels or pom-poms between the panels, using the same color as your hanger string. Keep them small, maybe only 3 inches or so. Make sure to leave an extra bit of twine or yarn on them to attach to your hanger string.
  3. Add an accent banner to hang separately. For our Easter banner, we added 5 additional pennant flags as an accessory to the main banner. The solid-color pennants echo the darker colors in the main banner, and can be printed, repeated and strung together as desired to hang to one side or the other of the banner. If your banner doesn’t come with accent pennants, make your own from solid color construction paper.
  4. If your banner comes with extra spacer panels (meaning those without letters), hang them separately as mobiles. Our Easter banner has 3 rabbit panels in additional to letters: a panel where the rabbits face left, another where they face right, and a symmetical center panel that can be placed between the words Happy and Easter. Since they work on their own, you could print extras to hang individually as separate signs.

Easter banner with rabbit panels


Got any tips of your own? Let us know.

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Yes, You Can Still Celebrate Easter

Easter bunnies, Easter banner

Talk about the bitter and the sweet … the long-awaited arrival of spring is here, but it’s almost going to waste. The trees are greening, the wildflowers are bursting, and birds are finding prized bits of flotsam to build their nests while we all sit inside and away from each other.

But, instead of moping, instead of being bored and doing nothing, we’re heeding that old British wartime motto “keep calm and carry on.” Easter’s around the corner, and while the big family buffet is off, we can still observe the holiday for the benefit of the little ones. This year, Easter at home.

And of course we can help with that! We’ve got a curated Easter kit on our Etsy site with printables for a banner, gift tags, stickers, cupcake toppers, and bunny ears. Download the files instantly, print, cut, and decorate while you #stayathome. Hang up a fun banner in the living room, bake some cupcakes, throw some candy into treat bags, and let the kids wear a bunny ears headband. You can even hide some eggs in the yard, or if that’s not doable, maybe just around the house.

You can do it! Just keep calm and Easter on.

Shop Easter Decor

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Lucky 13 — and Free Stuff!

Sure, it’s Friday the 13th, the dreaded day of misadventure and bad breaks. But we have an antidote — a healthy dose of Irish luck in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day.

To celebrate the addition of our  St Patrick’s Day banner and Irish proverb wall decor to our Etsy shop, we’re posting a free, downloadable PDF of shamrock cupcake toppers. Our toppers are 2 x 2 inch circles that you can cut out, attach to a toothpick, and use in all those lovely green cupcakes.

The PDF is high-resolution for top print quality and color. For best results, we recommend using card stock. Now, pull out your favorite cupcake recipe and get to work. Erin go braugh!

Download Cupcake Toppers

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This Just In…

We’ve added 4 Valentine’s Day printables to our Etsy shop this week.

Using our mood board as inspiration for the season, we fashioned lovebirds, hearts, Cupid and bows and arrows into a finely curated selection. Each card is easy to print, and includes an envelope template with matching liner.

Need some customization? Contact us at info@mozaicstudio.com, and we’ll be happy to help!

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Mood Board for February

Deep into the January, dead-of-winter doldrums, we’re already looking ahead to Valentine’s Day, with its cheery, energizing colors and its calendar proximity to spring.

Cynics may claim that Valentine’s Day is just another marketing campaign for chocolates and jewelry, but we have a deep fondness for the innocence of our schoolyard celebrations. We’ve always been drawn to the heart shapes, the “be mine” imprints on hard candy and the excuse to eat chocolate cupcakes.

We’re summoning all of our fond memories for a small set of printable Valentine cards. Above is a mood board of sorts for ideas we’re working on. We’ll be incorporating hearts, of course, but we’re also thinking of chirping birds ready to nest, Cupid gathering up his bow, and the old-fashioned arrow as a motif.

Stay tuned….

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